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Thinkplus 的能力每大一點,便能幫助你多一點。所以,Thinkplus 的團隊組合自許多不同的單位,攝影、製作、傳媒、音樂等,務求能為你提供更全面而多元化的服務


The stronger Thinkplus could be, the more effectively our help would be. Therefore, Thinkplus is grouped and supported by a range of interesting and talented people - photographers, producers, media savvy, musicians...etc, to give you a comprehensive service experience.


Services include:


think + 

conceptualization of creative idea 概念具體化

think + production

promotional video 宣傳短片

training or coaching video 影片教材

tv commercial 電視廣告 

storyboard development and casting 試鏡

shooting 拍攝 

sound and music editing 音效及錄音

script writing 擬稿

post-production 後期製作

think + PR

media training 傳媒應對技巧培訓

think + stock

our stock photos, footages  我們的相片及影片資源庫。


think + music

live performance 現場音樂表演

song & lyric writing 曲詞創作

music composition 音樂創作

jingle writing 廣告音樂

music production 音樂製作


Want to talk to us? We can be easily connected by:



tel  +852 3177 0083

fax +852 3177 0086





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Ace Ruby is the strategic marketing partner and business affiliate of ThinkPlus.tv.

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